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Gratitude Letter to Toni

By Carisa Carlton

Day One of my “30-Days of Gratitude” journey

September 5, 2017

Dear Toni,

I feel grateful for your 35 years of friendship.

Your friendship and unique perspective helped me make it through a trying year of high school. I have no idea how I would have made it through that time without your laughter, sense of humor, and Texas-bred will to fight for our dignities even as we struggled to make sense of the world.

I am grateful for you patiently listening to me (and remembering every word I ever said) without interrupting so that we can have meaningful conversations and so that I can fully express myself and know that I am heard and valued.

I am grateful for the fact that you have never judged me — not once in 35 years of friendship. I am so grateful I can turn to you in my darkest hour and feel totally safe that you can handle my full trauma load without reacting in a way that escalates the injuries.

Being able to talk openly with you about my mistakes is one blessing I know I can never replace. I am so grateful I have you to trust completely.

I am grateful for your steady perseverance in our friendship. Whether we talk once in ten years, or once every ten minutes, the love is always alive.

I’m grateful for your never-ending curiosity. You seek to understand the human heart and that is a highly valuable trait, not just to me but to every life you touch.

I’m grateful you came to see me when I desperately needed you. I’m grateful that you bring out the best in me and I am grateful to know that nothing has ever come between us, and nothing will ever come between us in the future.

I love you so much.


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