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Content Design

$150 per hour for creating a messaging strategy for your demographic or target market which includes a supporting SEO strategy, writing copy, writing landing pages, social media campaigns and content, creating community outreach program, and working with your/my art directors to bring your message to full fruition. I subcontract work to experts I trust to deliver your best analytical results.


Preparing to work with me

My quality standards are above what most clients expect and I do not reduce my quality for any purposes, i.e., writing for the SEO of it. Speaking to your audience in the manner they understand and accept is the first priority in producing quality content. My background in anthropology provides me with insight into a broad array of audiences. I specialize in outreach to Hispanic & Latinos, Western Europeans, Pacific Islanders, Southeast Asians, American Gen-X, and all socioeconomic classes. I aspire to make a positive difference in the world by breaking cultural boundaries.

I work in Google Docs and ask that you do, too so we can collaborate within the same document and complete your project on time.

I design evidenced based content or community outreach content (public relations). I do not design content for psuedo-science, or unsubstantiated claims.

I am equally analytical and creative.

Clarity + Boundaries + Trust = My best work.

Carisa Carlton


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