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By Carisa Carlton


At age nineteen, I formed an international business that sold raw materials to semiconductor manufacturers in Hong Kong and the Philippines. My success was predicated upon closing communication gaps between Southeast Asian manufacturers and American customers. I traveled overseas frequently.

Later, I immersed myself in Japanese culture by teaching English to business students in Fujinomiya. During my time in Japan, I studied Buddhism.

In 2001, I created a reading program for disadvantaged youth in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City before studying the last remaining gorillas in Uganda. I provided enrichment activities at an orphanage in Bwindi, Uganda. I trekked chimpanzees in Tanzania; and I stayed with the Hadzabes, a soon-to-be extinct tribal group.

From 2004 to 2008, I lived on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia where I immersed myself into their culture and I studied their unique form of Hinduism.

I stayed with the Dani tribe in Papua, Indonesia for part of 2005, during which time I assisted in peaceful negotiations involving burial rights.

For an additional two years, I lived in Singapore where I had the opportunity to experience how the Chinese, Malay, and Indians live peacefully together under highly surveillanced conditions. There, I volunteered as a confidant to troubled youth at a Christian school.

Besides living in remote locations for extended periods, I have traveled the desolate roads of every continent except Antarctica. The tribal connections of humankind extend far beyond the horizon and surface in the smallest enclaves. I now maintain the Laguna Beach Gazette (as time permits); and I design content strategies that reach far beyond SEO. I was accepted to the University of California, Irvine where I am reaching for my PhD in anthropology.

Between times of fully immersed cultural research, I aced Global Issues, Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, African and Caribbean Literature, Folklore, Fairytales and Fantasy, Sacred Traditions, and Ancient Religions, amongst other relevant disciplines at the University of San Francisco, Fordham University, and Saddleback College. I completed nine college courses in 2016 and I earned a 4.0 in each class.

While I am confident in my ability to understand and tell any company’s story, I gain the most personal satisfaction in roles where the cause is in the interest of the greater good.