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Gratitude Letter to Ned

By Carisa Carlton

Day Seventeen of my “30-Days of Gratitude” journey

September 29, 2017

Dear Ned,


In 1999, I was on a Manhattan stopover in route to Costa Rica when I popped by a mutual friend’s downtown apartment and listened to you record the music that would later help me chillax for six stranded hours on an alligator infested, tar-filled canal.  We managed to stay in contact, and in another wild turn of events, you became my BFF in the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 catastrophe.


Ned, I am grateful for your friendship during trying times and good times. I am grateful you were always game to head out at midnight to hang at swanky downtown clubs. I am grateful for your mind-blowing, limitless creativity. I am grateful for your high-tech savvy. I am grateful to have a friend who is always on the cutting edge of what’s-new, what’s-happening, what’s-cool, and what’s-passé.


I am grateful you are willing to travel and explore. I am grateful that you never, ever give up. I am grateful for your public relations talent. I am grateful for your devotion to your child because she made you an even better man.


I’m grateful that during my pregnancy when I couldn’t paint but had a nagging passion for a change of palette, you sacrificed your time to transform white walls into avocado green and mediterranean blue — and match the seams perfectly! Not only that, but I am grateful you survived Pandora with graceful affection.


I’m grateful for your ongoing friendship and willingness to forgive. I am grateful for your referrals and recommendations for new business. I am grateful that you are always real about who you are and the values you represent.


Thank you for your friendship and thank you for your business prospects. Thank you for introducing me to stimulating, good mannered people across the years. And, thank you, too, for all the gratitude and trust you have vested in me.



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