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Gratitude Letter to Marie

By Carisa Carlton

Day Six of my “30-Days of Gratitude” journey

September 10, 2017

Dear Marie,

As I sit here listening to the ocean’s waves (I have a little speaker by my ear), my mind travels back 31 years ago when you became part of my normal life of good food, fun friends, and your laughter. Your laughter may be my single biggest attraction to you, that, and you are just plain fun.


I am grateful for you  getting-up cheerfully and going anywhere any time. I am grateful for your willingness to try anything. I am grateful for you reaching out to me after years of silence. I’m grateful your choice brought me more joy and serenity.


I’m grateful you always strive for a better tomorrow.


I’m grateful that because of you, I have a better reason to go on vacation every Friday night. I am grateful for every two-hour brisk-walk therapy-session with you. I am grateful for every toe tickling, foot-massaging, cloud shifting, color dancing, sunset rippling, air breathing, water lapping, noise-filtering walk with you. I am grateful that I can soak my feet in unclean salt water every Friday night because you give me a reason to be there.


I am grateful that because of you, I gained pure confidence that every time I exercise, I feel better — especially on those occasions that I least want to go.


I am grateful for the long-ago memories we share. I am grateful we have a common thread in a common friend. I am grateful that we continue ironing out the details of our pasts.


I am grateful that you call me when you need another opinion. I’m grateful you can tolerate my straight-talk. I’m grateful for the hours you listened to me.   


I am grateful for all the girls-day-out massages in “Little Saigon.”  I am grateful for the truly decadent meals we prepared together. I am grateful for wine and pizza with you at Settebello.


I am grateful for the immigration interview that helped me understand your native language better. I am grateful for the path you chose. I am grateful that in your journey, you taught me resoluteness for proper procedure. I am grateful you taught me to chase the sunshine.


I am grateful that you are curious about any subject I raise. I am grateful for your authenticity. I am grateful you are in my life.


Bonded for Life and Beyond,


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