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Gratitude Letter to Joel

By Carisa Carlton

Day Sixteen of my “30-Days of Gratitude” journey

September 27, 2017

Dear Joel,


I am grateful that every time I look at the moon, I know if it is waxing or waning, and I know which direction I am looking by the light on the moon. I am grateful I can read “scientific” news articles and know there’s no such thing as a blood moon. I am grateful that every time I watch the sunset on Crystal Cove, I have some idea how enormous the sun is and I understand that our sun is not forever.


The questions I ponder are larger than myself now: What is dark matter? I wonder about that everyday now, and it makes my problems feel so small.


I am grateful that the knowledge you passed to me provided me the opportunity to teach my son more. I’m grateful that your instruction gave me the ability to explain that color is just a wavelength. Because of your patient explanations, I can demonstrate how the moon can orbit the earth while rotating on its axis yet we never see the dark side.


I am grateful for the answers you provided to my questions and I am grateful for your dedication to helping me understand our universe better. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience your intellectually compelling conversations. I am grateful for the opportunity to see the joy on your face in pictures with your wife of 47 years.


Joel, I am grateful my mind is permanently opened to the awe of the cosmos because of your contribution to my education. Thank you and I wish you a life of wonderful discoveries.



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