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By Carisa Carlton


My Definition of Happiness

Happiness to me is a feeling of joy and serenity…the feeling that life is perfect even with its imperfections. The feeling that I am somehow cheating life because through all the disturbances and suffering, I can still smile even when I sit alone in the dark.

I am happy when I have a sense of progress towards mastering communication, especially across cultures, and my curiosity and interests are satisfied. 

I am happy when I am with my child, my mother, my friends, my cat, or when I am watching sunsets, walking on the beach, or relieving someone else’s suffering. 

I am happy when I feel I have everything I need and I feel life is perfect even with it’s imperfections. 

I feel happy when creativity is flowing and everyone around me is laughing, smiling, and/or when joy is glowing from their faces.

I feel happy knowing that I am in control of my reactions and no one gets to define me, except me.