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Gratitude Letter to Carol

By Carisa Carlton

Day Three of my “30-Days of Gratitude” journey

September 7, 2017

Dear Carol,


I am eternally grateful for your seven solid years of warm friendship.


When I made out my will, I carefully considered who would follow my wishes and who would be willing to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. I considered who would place my young son’s wishes at the focal point of all decisions. I considered who would surround themself with honorable counsel if faced with a difficult decision that wasn’t addressed in my will. I considered who would be guided by the hand of God, and who would be able to persevere through all obstacles without excuses. And, I considered who would tell the truth no matter the circumstances. I am grateful that I have you to reliably exceed the required qualifications and accept the responsibility if needed.


I am grateful that when you heard someone in your community needed support, you showed up at my doorstep ready to work for as long as it took even though you had never met me. I am grateful for every person you introduce to me because all of your friends and family mirror your same joy for life with a beaming light that seems to come straight from the heavens.


I am grateful that you taught me by example how to resolve misunderstandings through curiosity and patience. I am grateful that when we express opposing viewpoints, you are willing to listen for as long as it takes to achieve understanding, even if we have to re-visit the issue a week, a month, or a year later.


I am grateful for the three-and-a-half years of you carefully combing, word-by-word, the first five books of the bible with me (that was a lot of work!). I am grateful for you embracing our differences, and never allowing opposing perspectives to interfere with your love for me.


I am grateful that you taught me, again through example, how to graciously host guests. I am particularly grateful that you dropped everything you were doing while you had out-of-town guests, a job, and your brother-in-law hospitalized in order to throw an impromptu brunch with four generations of radiant women so that you could meet my mother before she returned to Texas.


I am grateful for the serene happiness I feel when I am in your presence. I am grateful that I can look forward to our relationship continuing to blossom and I am grateful that I have you as a point of reference for true Christianity.


I am grateful, Carol, for all that you are to me and I love you.


Your friend for life and beyond,



P.S. I cherish afternoons at the Blue Lagoon. Thank you.

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