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About Carisa Carlton

I am looking for ANY opportunity that can effectively utilize my core skills. To discuss potential opportunities call 323-999-1376 or email I accept all legitimate requests to connect on LinkedIn where you can view my career history.


In efforts to create a somewhat objective summary identifying my core skills, I created an informal, unscientific survey.

To reflect opinions based upon broad collective experiences, a sample of people spanning Generation Z to the Silent Generation were posed the simple question via email, “Off the top of your head, don’t spend time thinking about it, quick-quick, what do you perceive as my top 3 core skills?”

Respondents were those who have known me anywhere from 1 month to 48 years, and those who know me in business and/or pleasure.

I did not analyze the responses but I found the raw data insightful and reliable enough to share with those making a decision about interacting with me.


★Asking questions
★Convincing someone to do something they aren’t planning to do or don’t want to do.


★Connecting communities


★Framing effective business models
★Articulation of value in a digital age
★Challenging social change
★Professional journalism (Truly fair and balanced)

★Inductive/Deductive Reasoning

★Creatively solving problems



★Well informed
★Concise and thoughtful

★Self driven, determination to succeed
★Writing on a deadline


★Public speaking



★Follow through


★Understand the internet
★Extensive people skills and experience

★Well spoken
★Very bright
★Miles of style


★“She’s a good girl.”