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About Carisa Carlton

Social Network Design


Guiding clients through the evolving landscape of digital marketing, offering practical insight in a space that is frequently over-complicated with unnecessary tactics and strategies that lead nowhere.


I help build brands through solutions, relying on the design and implementation of proven organic marketing strategies. The years I’ve spent developing, testing and proving techniques and formulas for social media marketing have been fueled by a true passion.


What to Expect When You Hire Me for Professional Social Media Marketing



And much more.



About Carisa Carlton


I have a diverse background that began in account management in the semiconductor industry where I served Fortune 500 clients such as Seagate Technology, AT&T, and Maxim Integrated Products for eight years before moving to Japan to teach English.


When I returned, I attended the University of San Francisco where I studied both journalism and cultural anthropology. I later developed relations with The Venetian Las Vegas and closed a three year contract with them for a diamond retailer. I sold online sponsorships to Mercedes, Estee Lauder, and Toyota and I raised money to design a video conferencing user interface and I moved to New York City. I attended Fordham University for further concentration in cultural anthropology.  In 2006, I took a 12-week course in business leadership at Cornell University.


I lived in Indonesia and Singapore for seven years. When I returned to the United States in 2010, I began authoring articles on search engine optimization and I wrote freelance for the Laguna Beach Independent newspaper (and still do on occasion).


I also lived in France. I volunteered in an African orphanage. I worked with the United Nations after the Yogyakarta earthquake to rebuild communities.


In September 2014, University of California Irvine proposed I teach Twitter marketing.  Classes begin January 2015. I was recently invited to moderate a social media conference at Apple, and I am speaking at several upcoming workshops as a Twitter expert.


I have a habit of being straight-forward and to the point. I don’t enjoy wasting time with chit-chat personally or professionally. However, I am engaging and I enjoy an intelligent mind.



My Personal Twitter Account


Like most people in my field, I have multiple Twitter accounts, though I cannot say I recommend it.  My engagement rate is 80% and my retweet rate is 74%. The statistics vary slightly, but they are relatively consistent. What this really means is that my community is engaged with me and vice versa.


I use my own account to experiment. I do things on my account that I won’t allow my clients to do. As my Twitter account is a laboratory, don’t do as I do, do as I say.