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About Carisa Carlton

Carisa CarltonCarisa Carlton is an Orange County, California based writer, editor, and digital publisher with extensive hands-on experience in search engine optimization, conducting interviews, digital publishing, and legal writing.

Carlton exudes grounded sophistication and style with impeccable taste, traditional values, and passion for life.

Molded by living in five different countries, extensive travel to primitive lands, and her cultural anthropology and journalism education makes Carlton a natural far-beyond-the-box thinker with an unprecedented sense of adventure.

Carlton lived in Japan, the third largest economy in the world. She lived in Europe, an economy larger than the United States. She lived in Singapore, one of the most progressive economies in the world – if not the most. And, she lived in Indonesia, the largest Muslim economy in the world.

Recognized for emotion provoking interviews and an investigative approach to writing, Carlton helps brands meet their digital marketing objectives by writing original, informative articles tailored to the intended demographic.

Carlton lives life to the fullest and she is not afraid to break new ground, especially on the wild, wild web.

Carlton is the editor of Laguna Beach Gazette, a local online magazine highlighting the people and places that make Laguna Beach a world-class beach city.  Additionally, Carlton is a contributor to numerous offline and online businesses, including the Laguna Beach Independent newspaper.