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Carisa Carlton

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For 14 years, I worked in public relations and business development. I took an 8-year sabbatical to care for my child. When I re-entered the job market, I branded myself as a writer and I created website content strategies and published a few local interest newspaper articles. After writing professionally for six years, I returned to school to update my education in anthropology and enter a funded research program. I attend University of California, Irvine full-time. My research is in domestic violence and the economic impact of domestic violence within the anthropological framework.

I continue to seek and engage opportunities that satiate my craving to make a positive impact on women’s lives. I gain personal satisfaction from championing causes for the greater good, especially as it relates to thriving, not just surviving, beyond domestic violence.

My international background includes living in Tokyo and Fujinomiya (1993), Bali (2004-2008), Singapore (2008-2010), and Cannes & Paris as second homes for 10 years. Additionally, I have stayed with the Hadzabes (Tanzania)(2002), the Danis (Papua)(2006), the Asmats (Papua) (2006), and I traveled the Malay Archipelago and Southeast Asia for extended periods of time. My background further includes exploring the back roads of Central America and many Caribbean and Pacific islands with plans for 2018 scholarly research on domestic violence in an undetermined developing country.

In the United States, I grew up in Indiana and West Texas; and I lived in San Francisco and Manhattan. I currently live in Southern California.

I have a high interest in religion, specifically why people believe what they believe. Academic classes include World Religions; Sacred Traditions; Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion; and UFOs in America. I have further participated in a wide variety of religious rituals for better understanding.

I welcome your phone call to discuss options and opportunities.

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I invite you to read more on Linkedin and I welcome your phone call to discuss options and opportunities.

Located in South Orange County (Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Laguna Beach), California, USA