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About Carisa Carlton

Carisa CarltonCarisa Carlton is an Orange County based writer, editor, and digital publisher with extensive hands-on experience in search engine optimization.

Carlton exudes grounded sophistication and style with impeccable taste, traditional values, and a true passion for life. Molded by living in five different countries, extensive travel to primitive lands, and her cultural anthropology and journalism education makes Carlton a natural far-beyond-the-box thinker with an unprecedented sense of adventure.

Recognized for thought provoking interviews and a novel approach to writing, Carlton helps brands meet their digital marketing objectives by writing original, informative articles tailored to the intended audience.

Carlton’s well structured composition gains better search engine rankings by optimizing state-of-the-art search engine technologies.

Carlton lives life to the fullest and she is not afraid to break new ground, especially on the wild, wild web.

Carlton is the editor of Manhattan In, a New York City blog celebrating musicians, artists, and fashion designers; and she is the editor of Laguna Beach Gazette, a local blog highlighting the people and places that make Laguna Beach a world-class beach city.  Additionally, Carlton is a contributor to numerous offline and online businesses, including Wikipedia, both as a ghost writer and as a columnist.

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In My Own Words

I am most passionate about my role as a mother. Seeing the world through my son’s perspective and photographs has enriched my life, and I often ask him, “How did I get so lucky as to be your mom?” Together, we journeyed remote lands and sophisticated cities and we experienced many different cultures. I thank God for every day I have his beautiful soul in my life.


Lifelong horseback riding strongly influenced my character. Like a little girl, I love everything horses. Nothing beats a high flight over a cavaletti or a long, rocking canter. My favored breed is Egyptian Arabians – perhaps I relate best to their regal disposition, high spiritedness, and loving nature.

I am addicted to bouldering in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach lays claim to some 22 bays and coves on their 7-miles of coast, but I discovered more coves than Google Maps lists by bouldering over rugged rocks jetting out of the bays. Discovering new caves and coves requires careful planning around the tides, so I often arrange my recreational time around the gravitational forces exerted by the moon and the sun and the rotation of the Earth.  I am a certified belayer and I recently finished the Laguna Beach Aquathon in 5 hours and 15 minutes.

As a high energy, full spirited woman, exercising is critical to my daily routine. I can be found walking and jogging at 6:00 every morning on the beach, greeting the regulars along the way. I frequently spot a pod of dolphins leaping the waters surface. Those are the best days. Along my morning journey, I take videos and iPhone photos documenting my visual pleasures.

Portrait Photography

My father purchased a Canon camera for me when I was a young girl. I began photographing flowers, specifically begonias. Later in life, I found my true passion in portrait photography. I now use a 21 MP Canon with a fixed 50mm glass lens that blurs backgrounds and captures the essence of the soul with remarkable clarity. No photograph is as interesting as that of a person in a natural environment.

Fine Art

I paint with oils on canvas. While I have created a few heirloom quality paintings, I mostly struggle with the finishing process. I like glazing, and glazing has no scientific, predictable outcome, so quite a number of paintings are in the rubbish bin. Still, painting is a wonderful escape.

Giving Back

I truly enjoy helping others. I helped rebuild a community in Indonesia after a tsunami. I volunteered at an orphanage in Africa. I led a literacy program in New York City. I volunteered on a political campaign for Mayor Bloomberg. On an ongoing basis, when time allows, I voluntarily edit documents for dyslexics.

As life circumstances would have it, with God’s help, I saved the lives of two children in two separate emergencies – being able to do that means a lot to me.